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Helleborus x ballardiae HGC 'Pink Frost'

Pink Frost Hellebore

Plant Type Dwarf shrub
Flower Colour Pink
Leaf Shape Pedate
Leaf Colour Grey/green
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Sub alpine
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought No
Coastal No
Frost Heavy
Native Europe
Flower Months Jul-Oct



Hellebores are unique plants whose radiant beauty give us more pleasure than any other during the cold winter months. They are undemanding, fully hardy plants which will also flourish well in the shade. Helleborus originates from Central Europe where it prefers an organic alkaline soil that is well drained.

‘Pink Frost’TM is a stunning cultivar from German plant breeder and Hellebore expert, Josef Heuger. It is has a captivating floriferous display creating a multicolored effect as masses of burgundy buds open to display two-toned pink petals, that mature to a deep rosy red.  The stunning floral display fulfils the wishful dreams of the most passionate gardener and the plants grow more and more beautiful each year eventually getting to 50cm wide and 40cm tall. The large, well formed two-tone flowers appear from mid winter to early spring. They are on strong stems and make attractive cut flowers. Helleborus ‘Pink Frost’TM requires little effort to keep them performing and growing well. It is not necessary but will give a better floral display if most of the leaves are trimmed back during early winter. Regular applications of Seasol and PowerFeed will keep your plants growing well. Remove the spent flowers prior to seed set and trim off any ratty leaves.


Plant en masse to give a kaleidoscope of color and form. Helleborus prefer a cool summer position in part to full shade. Plant with Heuchera ‘Obsidian’, Polemonium ‘Bressingham Purple’, Correa ‘Barossa Gold’ and
Tiarella  ‘Cygnet’ to continue this festival of floral magnificence through spring, summer and autumn.
Collect all of the Helleborus Gold CollectionTM and make your garden a Golden Garden!


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