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Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple'

Purple Heuchera

Plant Type Small shrub
Flower Colour White
Leaf Shape Round - med
Leaf Colour Purple/red
Sun/Shade Shade-filt sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought No
Coastal No
Frost Moderate
Native USA
Flower Months Nov-Feb


Heuchera ‘Palace Purple is an outstanding evergreen perennial plant adding color and interest to any garden.

The blackish-purple leaves have a metallic sheen, and each one has the distinctive shape of a maple leaf.


Planted singly Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ forms a mound up to 20cm high, but striking affects can be achieved by mass planting it as a ground cover or by establishing it as a border along the edge of a garden bed or path.

In spring and early summer tall but delicate heads of small flowers the color of milk coffee rise up above the foliage, producing a lacy effect of great beauty.


Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ will thrive in any reasonably good garden soil in full sun or light shade, but best results are obtained by mulching the soil surface above the roots and providing additional water in summer.
Mature, well established clumps can be divided and replanted in autumn or spring.


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